Cook Medical India celebrated its new office opening. The company has shifted to a modern, 20,000-square foot office at Kochar Jade in Guindy, Chennai. It is located at the city’s major business district with easy access to land and air freight stations.

India is an important part of Cook Medical’s business in the Asia-Pacific region. Cook Medical, which is headquartered in the USA, provides high quality medical devices across the globe. The investment to transform its local facilities into a modern integrated office and warehouse stresses the importance and significance India holds for the future business of Cook Medical.

“Our new office in Chennai was designed to be a modernised, best-in-class space to serve both our customers and employees,” said Pete Yonkman, President, Cook Group and Cook Medical during the opening office ceremony. “India is an exciting area for Cook Medical, not only have we had a continuous presence here since 1996, but we have also consistently increased our workforce over the years. This new facility will further enhance our ability to serve patients in India while cementing our commitment to local communities.”

The modern, eco-friendly office hosts training facilities with the latest equipment in video conferencing technology and presentation aids that support collaborative learning. This, combined with a state-of-the-art warehouse, promises to provide customer support for faster despatch of products across India. “This new facility will allow us to support our customers better,” said Vijayan Govindaraman, General Manager, Cook India. “We believe that we should always provide solutions, rather than just sell products. The new logistics centre will ensure prompt delivery to our customers.”

Maximizing the space and environment was a large part of this office’s design concept. Cook Medical India has made use of natural lighting throughout the new space to reduce its carbon footprint. Govindaraman adds, “The open office encourages employees to collaborate for common outcomes and the exclusive warehouse assures good distribution practices for effective and efficient management of inbound and outbound logistics. Most importantly, it allows us to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our employees.”

About Cook Medical

Since 1963, Cook Medical has worked closely with physicians to develop technologies that eliminate the need for open surgery. Today we are combining medical devices, biologic materials and cellular therapies to help the world’s healthcare systems deliver better outcomes more efficiently. We have always remained family owned so that we have the freedom to focus on what we care about: patients, our employees and our communities.

Over the last two decades Cook India has been providing technical and clinical support to physicians across India and South Asia through a range of 2600 products, while helping patients get back to living. Since opening in 1996 with 5 people, Cook India in Chennai has now swelled to 52. The office benefits from the connectivity of local air and sea ports as well as a close proximity to its distributor. Its main markets include Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kerala.

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