Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance represents a union of patients and doctors, physicians and researchers, care and cures in the pursuit of better, longer, richer lives for our patients.

Above all, we exist to move patients forward, past boundaries and toward hope, beyond fear and closer to discovery. SCCA is the intersection of compassion and hard science. Where a real difference can be made today and true progress happens tomorrow. This uniquely bold and inventive approach truly sets us apart.

We treat care differently. And, because of that, we see patients differently, too. Our care combines powerful science with devoted collaboration, where boundary-pushing discovery happens—care and science working together.

It is our fundamental belief that working in partnership with our patients is essential to who we are today and in the future.

Address: 825 Eastlake Ave. E
PO Box 19023
Seattle, WA 98109­-1023