Edan and Tencent Partner for AI-supported Auxiliary Diagnostic System for Conducting Digital Colposcopy

On July 9th Edan and Tencent officially reached a strategic agreement for AI Digital Colposcopy Auxiliary Diagnosis System. Edan’s digital colposcopy system will be supported strongly by Tencent Miying AI digital colposcopy auxiliary diagnosis system which is latest technology that can rapidly identify the cervical transformation zone and the location of a lesion, enabling doctors to more accurately and efficiently diagnose cervical cancer – the most common cause of malignant tumors in the female reproductive organs.

In the future, the two sides will further explore a new generation of universal digital colposcopy systems for artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis, research and development based on clinical pathological results, and constantly explore new directions for cooperation.

In the past three years Edan had developed a wide range of products and medical solutions covering patient monitoring, ECG diagnostics, ultrasound imaging, maternal and child health, in vitro diagnostics and smart health. Its one-stop early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer with simple quality control, network interconnection and information exchange has been applied by many top hospitals in China. Edan and many teaching hospitals have jointly carried out national-level cervical lesions training projects which will promote the overall improvement of the medical level of cervical cancer screening.

Edan had established the remote network system for improving operation and diagnosis level of colposcopy in grassroots healthcare institutions. It has carried out the project of colposcopy for cervical cancer screening in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guangxi and other provinces, which has played a significant role in the standardized operation of cervical cancer screening and big data management.

The combination of artificial intelligence and digital colposcopy will enable physicians to conduct screening and diagnosis more quickly and accurately, reduce missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, improve the diagnosis rate and the level of primary care. Grassroots healthcare institutions will be supported strongly by AI that will help balance the medical resources in China, which is also one of the strategy goals of Edan and Tencent.

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