EDAN Announces Relocation and Expansion of Its US Operation Hub

EDAN Diagnostic, Inc. (ED), serving as the American operation hub of EDAN Instruments, Inc. – a healthcare company and medical device manufacturer, announced an office relocation and expansion. The new address is 9918 Via Pasar, San Diego, CA 92126. This brand new 13,588 square foot office is almost twice the space as the old one, to accommodate the increasing demand in the medical market of the Americas.

As the largest of the overseas subsidiaries of EDAN Instruments, Inc., this American operation center provides services and warehousing reaching out to the Americas. With the upgraded office space and warehousing area, ED is expected to elevate the expertise in its services with a quick delivery time, both in pre-sale and post-sale. With 90% of employees from the local area, ED has implemented localization strategy since day one. Along with the expansion, ED will surely bring more job opportunities to the U.S.

“Starting in 2010 with only two suites in San Diego, ED has been continuously growing. So does the American market. After almost a decade, our previous office can hardly fulfill the needs of efficiency working environment and the increasing storage. It is just simply too small for us now. The modular workstation in the new office is more inspiring and allows team members to communicate smoothly,” said Hao Zhang, EDAN CEO.

Other than enhancing the service ability, a production area is planned in this new location, aiming to prepare for the government contracts and bids through the US General Services Administration (GSA). Producing EDAN’s products in the U.S. is seen as a paramount step to further anchor in the American market. It represents the guaranteed product quality from this Chinese leading company. Thus, the Chinese brand EDAN and its products might be more competitive earning larger market shares worldwide.

When talking about the next move after relocation, Hao Zhang said, “Our goal for the second half of 2019 is to establish the EDI electronic ordering system, which could be linked to healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). Through this system, our clients can directly submit the order online. With the partnership with healthcare GPOs, there will be a huge leap in EDAN’s market share in the Americas.”

The U.S. remains the largest medical devices market for years. This makes it the most important market for healthcare companies. EDAN has been continuously cultivating in this market. In the near future, ED hopes to keep expanding its sales and post-sales team and to build up its brand reputation through its high-quality product and the services.

About EDAN Diagnostics, Inc.

EDAN Diagnostics, Inc. is registered and located in San Diego, California and has been serving as the EDAN Instruments, Inc. hub for all North American sales and services since 2010. With over 14,000 square feet of office space and warehouse space, thousands of accessories and spare parts in stock a comprehensive showroom that displays all of the FDA approved products and a professional team of factory-certified engineers, technicians and sales consultants, EDAN Diagnostics, Inc. is able to provide customers with shorter fulfillment lead times and to provide any necessary service, training or repairs in a timely manner.

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