Hillrom Launches New Connected Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Extended Care Solution

Hillrom announced the launch of the Hillrom™ Extended Care Solution, a new, connected remote vital signs monitoring device that allows clinicians to shift care closer to home.

To ensure caregiver access to data-driven information, Hillrom’s Extended Care Solution combines an all-in-one vital signs solution – the recently launched Welch Allyn® Spot Vital Signs® 4400 device – with a patient app and clinician review portal to help extend patient care beyond the walls of a healthcare facility. Hillrom’s Extended Care Solution utilizes emerging programs and resources, including recent changes in reimbursement, to advance the usage of remote monitoring.

“With this technology, recovering and at-risk patients, including those with COVID-19, can feel confident, safe and comfortable at home, while enabling medical staff access to critical information they need to quickly and accurately assess their patients’ changing health status from a distance,” said Hillrom President and CEO John Groetelaars. “Sending a patient home with the Spot Vital Signs 4400 device can help reduce hospital patient load, risk of exposure and the utilization of critical protective gear.”

The Spot Vital Signs 4400 device is a comprehensive, clinical-grade solution that takes a patient’s vital signs, including temperature, Sp02, blood pressure and pulse. The Hillrom Connex® App provides a simple connection to the Spot Vital Signs 4400 device, and relays patient data securely through a patient’s phone at the push of a button. Clinicians can then log in to the easy-to-use Hillrom™ Connex® Portal to review data and make vital care decisions.

The Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs 4400 device, and the related Connex App and Connex Portal, are now available in the United States.

About Hillrom

Hillrom is a global medical technology leader whose 10,000 employees have a single purpose: enhancing outcomes for patients and their caregivers by advancing connected care. Around the world, our innovations touch over 7 million patients each day. They help enable earlier diagnosis and treatment, optimize surgical efficiency and accelerate patient recovery while simplifying clinical communication and shifting care closer to home. We make these outcomes possible through connected smart beds, patient lifts, patient assessment and monitoring technologies, caregiver collaboration tools, respiratory health devices, advanced operating room equipment and more, delivering actionable, real-time insights at the point of care.

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