Medtec China 2019, organized by Informa Markets, was inaugurated on September 25 in Shanghai. It brings together more than 450 high-quality brands, and is expected to receive 25,000 professional visitors over its three days. The opening ceremony of Medtec China 2019 was held on the first day in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Ms. Athena Gong, Managing Director of Informa Markets-China, attended and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

Ms. Athena Gong said many analysts predicted China would suffer an economic downturn in 2018 and 2019. However, according to the China Medical Device Blue Book, the size of China’s medical device market reached had an increase of almost 20% y-o-y. It is estimated over the next 10 years, China’s medical device industry will see a compound growth rate of over 10%. The government has also introduced a series of favorable policies for the medical device industry, supporting domestic medical device manufacturers in both business innovation and localization of high-end products. With such a feel-good market and policy factors, Medtec China will be able to become bigger and stronger, and to build it into a leading global procurement platform of medical resources in China.

The event coincided with the 15th anniversary of the introduction of the Medtec brand in China, and 9 exhibitors in cooperation with Medtec China for 15 years were invited to attend the opening ceremony, where they received the “Best Partner” award from Informa Markets. In addition, leaders and representatives from the medical device division of CCCMHPIE, Medical Devices Department, Shanghai Pudong Medical Device Trade Association, German pavilion partners, Singapore pavilion partners and Medtec Japan were also invited to attend the opening ceremony. Tencent, Sohu, People’s Daily, China News, Shanghai Science and Technology Daily, Yigoo, Oriental Financial Channel and other 8 media covered the event.

Zeus, Nissei, Mikron, Teleflex, Clariant, DuPont, Lubrizol, Sandvik, PolyOne, Tekni-Plex, Rohm, WuXi AppTec, Guangzhou Qike Medicine, Dymax, Hitachi, Remo, Integer, OGP, Hanjiang, Barnes, ZOTEC, Greatech, Maider, Topkey, Teamtechnik, Chancheng Biology, Pall, Creganna, Amcor, Wipak and other enterprises have brought all-round solutions covering medical materials, medical automation equipment, medical electronic components and modules, medical precision molds, IVD, medical packaging, quality testing and other categories of the latest products and technology.

Eight companies from the state of New York made their debut with various products. 14 and 7 companies, respectively, from the German and Singapore pavilions present more high-quality, high-tech products and services at the exhibition.

Medtec China concurrent conference “MDIT Forum and Regulation Summit” kicked off. China’s Medical Devices Regulations Update and Response, and the 7th China Summit on Implantable and Interventional Medical Devices were launched in full swing. Lin Feng, Director of the Medical Device Registration Department of the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration; Feng Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Biomaterials and Organizational Engineering Office, and Xi Tingfei, Director of the Medical Device Inspection Center who are both from China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, as well as other big names were present. In addition, technical development of new medical dressings, Plastic Molding Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing, Seminar on Medical Bonding and Welding Technology were held onsite.

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