For more than 25 years MeKo has produced components with narrow tolerances and perfect surface quality as a contract manufacturer for all well-known medical companies. At COMPAMED / MEDICA in Düsseldorf MeKo presents innovative techniques and materials on booth #J07 in hall 8a.

High-precision laser systems make it possible to achieve tolerances of less than 5 µm by machining metals and bioresorbable materials using lasers. Not only do MeKo’s modern ultra-short pulse lasers cut and drill precisely, they also create clean, perfect surfaces.

In addition to the precise laser cutting of implants, such as stents and heart valve frames, one of MeKo’s primary competencies is laser drilling microholes for Drug Delivery Balloon Catheters (DDB). It is possible to achieve hole diameters from 2 µm. Thanks to these tiny holes, DDBs can dispense drugs directly using dilation.

MeKo Laser Material Processing

MeKo is a global ISO-certified contract manufacturer specialized in laser material processing for the medical industry. The company has more than 25 years of experience, particularly in the field of laser cutting of stents, heart valve frames and other medical products made of metal (NiTi, 316LVM, L605) or bioresorbable materials (Mg, polymers). MeKo offers a variety of finishing processes such as mechanical workmanship, annealing and electro-polishing.

Owner: Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Ök. Clemens Meyer-Kobbe
Foundation: 1991
Employees: More than 200

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