AliveCor, a leading innovator in FDA-cleared personal electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, announced the launch of AliveCor Labs, further establishing the company’s footprint in enterprise class clinical workflows. AliveCor Labs is an independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) which offers US healthcare providers enhanced, reimbursed cardiac monitoring services including access to real-time data to help inform clinical decision-making.

Starting today, AliveCor Labs offers a full suite of cardiac monitoring services featuring AliveCor’s KardiaMobile 6L, the most clinically-validated six-lead personal electrocardiogram device in the world. KardiaMobile has been evaluated in more than 150 peer-reviewed studies including a 2021 study demonstrating KardiaMobile is more effective than Holter monitoring and preferred by patients. AliveCor Labs also offers Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and Extended Holter and Holter monitoring in order to provide solutions for all clinical use cases.

“AliveCor Labs offers providers a reimbursed means of monitoring cardiac events with the most well-known personal ECG in the world,” said Priya Abani, CEO, AliveCor. “This launch propels the evolution of AliveCor as a full stack cardiological solution for providers, payors, and patients.”

The KardiaMobile 6L device is the first and only six-lead personal ECG cleared by the FDA. It detects more arrhythmias than any other personal ECG device. KardiaMobile 6L provides instant detection of Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Sinus Rhythm with Supraventricular Ectopy, Sinus Rhythm with Premature Ventricular Contractions, Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS and Normal Heart Rhythm in an ECG. It is fast, convenient, comfortable and easy for patients to use.

The national launch of AliveCor Labs follows the acquisition of CardioLabs, announced earlier this year.

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