Danaher Launches Three Precision Medicines Solutions in China

Danaher recently issued a mission statement “Bringing Cutting-edge Technologies Worldwide to Healthy China” and launched three precision medicines solutions covering basic clinical medical research, diagnosis, and personalized treatments.

As China’s deepening building a moderately prosperous society, the health of the whole people has become one of the major tasks in ensuring and improving people’s living standards. It is clearly stated in the national strategic plan “Healthy China 2030” that the health of the whole people is not only the strategic theme of the plan but also the fundamental target of building a healthy China, and more innovative medtech technologies and products will be needed.

It is also proposed in the plan to initiate several major scientific and technological programs and major projects such as health protection, and strengthen key technological breakthroughs such as precision medicines. The development vision and solutions launched by Danaher are also in line with this.

The three precision medicine solutions launched by the Danaher Life Science Platform this time have come to fully meet the needs of the Chinese market. Taking basic clinical medical research as an example, according to the customer’s scientific exploration rules from “biological samples” to “data mining and result transformation”, Danaher could provide “three-dimensional” precision medical scientific research programs, covering everything from cells, body fluids to living bodies. The sample type starts from the four major steps of fine observation, precise capture, precise extraction, and precise measurement to meet the needs of molecular analysis from genotype to phenotype.

Products and technologies of Danaher Life Sciences are already widely used by customers and partners in China, and Danaher is also launching a series of workflows and integrated solutions. We believe these simple, automated, high-throughput solutions and workflows will better help customers reduce R&D costs, accelerate R&D, and translate technology into productivity faster, according to Mr. Li Bing, President of Danaher Life Sciences China.

With the aim of deepening China localization and serving better China customers, Danaher Life Sciences Platform China was established in June 2019 covering Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), Beckman Coulter, Molecular Devices, SCIEX, Phenomenex, Pall, and Leica Microsystems. In 2020 Danaher also acquired GE’s Medical and life Sciences business to form Cytiva, a company that provides innovative technology and analytical tools for the life sciences, as well as integrated scientific solutions including instruments, reagents, software, and technical services.

With more than 20 companies, Danaher provides a full range of products and services to Chinese customers. As the most important international market for Danaher, the business portfolio specially created is highly compatible with China’s national strategy and development goals. In the next decade, Danaher will accelerate localization and innovation based on the needs of the Chinese market, and bring more high-end, faster and more accurate medical diagnosis and life science products and technologies to China, according to Anita Wei, VP of government affairs at Dahaner.

In October 2020 Danaher Life Sciences Platform launched the Business model of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, moving the logistics center originally set up in Hong Kong to China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, accelerating the local supply chain to meet China’s rapidly changing market demand. In the future Danaher Life Sciences Platform will keep strengthening its own ability to serve the Chinese market, actively promote the development of China’s life sciences through leading biopharmaceutical and precision medicine integrated solutions, and at the same time lay a more solid foundation for the long-term development in China.