Esaote enters the world of total body magnetic resonance imaging with the new system called “Magnifico Open” which enriches the range of Esaote products presented in 2021.

Magnifico Open comes forth out of Esaote’s over 30 years of MRI experience. With Magnifico Open, Esaote proposes an open MRI system with cutting-edge technology to satisfy not only the clinical needs but also addressing operational and financial demands. An ample choice of receiving coils and state-of-the-art MRI technology offers the user an excellent image quality whereas the permanent magnet makes for simple installation and low operating costs. The open magnet and easy-to-access patient table facilitate fast and comfortable patient positioning, ideal for claustrophobic patients and children alike.

Magnifico Open is equipped with most recent Esaote technologies like Speed Up, to assure optimal image quality in reduced examination times, True-Motion real-time imaging, offering a complementary approach to standard MRI for a more comprehensive clinical and diagnostic picture, particularly in high-level sports medicine, or MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction) allowing excellent image quality also for post-surgical imaging. Magnifico Open aims to become the gold standard in the field of open Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

In recent years, the technological evolution of MRI has seen major developments. At Esaote we have been working for over 30 years in the MRI sector to reach ever new horizons and 2021 is for us a year with a wealth of new products, confirming our constant commitment to innovation and the development of cutting-edge technologies. Today with Magnifico Open we are looking even more toward the future. With our experience and thanks to continual cooperation with many medical and scientific partners, we are entering the field of full body magnetic resonance imaging. This is an important achievement, which fills us with pride and opens us to new challenges.

Franco Fontana, Esaote CEO

Disclaimer: Not available for sales in some countries, CE mark and FDA pending.

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