The number of newly diagnosed cancers per year is on a path to nearly double over the next two decades, continuing to pose a major threat to human health. Radiation oncology is a critical component of cancer management, fueled by rapid progress in the application of advanced imaging techniques, availability of functional information, and a more thorough understanding of cancer biology to enable more precise and effective cancer therapies. In the interest of building individualized, patient-centric treatments, radiation oncologists use a multitude of available resources and innovations in radiation oncology to improve the patient experience and generate the best health outcome for each and every patient.

A recent webinar hosted by GE Healthcare brought together a panel of key opinion leaders in radiation oncology from across the globe to discuss current trends, as well as the potential paths toward maximizing precise and effective cancer therapies. The panel discussed patient-centric treatment options such as the move toward hypofractionation, the importance of pretreatment imaging, precision radiation therapy in terms of physical as well as biological precision, dose optimization, theranostics, and the integration of advanced imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to inform adaptive radiation therapy.

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