ICU Medical has committed to acquire the Smiths Medical division in a transaction that is superior to the existing proposed sale of Smiths Medical to Trulli Bidco Limited. The Smiths Medical business includes syringe and ambulatory infusion devices, vascular access, and vital care products. When combined with ICU Medical’s existing businesses, the combined companies will be a leading infusion therapy company with estimated pro forma combined revenues of approximately $2.5 billion.

Under the terms of the agreement, Smiths will receive at closing 2.5 million newly issued shares of ICU Medical common stock, currently valued at approximately $500 million, and $1.85 billion in cash along with ICU Medical assuming certain liabilities. Smiths is also eligible to receive a contingent earn-out consideration of $100 million in cash, subject to stock price performance and other considerations. Upon completing the transaction, which the companies expect to occur in the first half of 2022, subject to customary closing conditions including required regulatory approvals, Smiths will own approximately 10 percent of ICU Medical. In addition, at closing, a Smiths designee will be appointed to the ICU Medical board of directors, and so long as Smiths maintains 5% or more of ICU Medical’s common stock, it will have the right to designate one director for election to the company’s board of directors.

Delivering on our commitment to maximize value, the ICU transaction provides both a higher value for Smiths’ shareholders, as well as further value creation through our 10% holding of the enlarged combined group and a potential $100m additional contingent consideration. We are focused on concluding this superior transaction and on driving Smiths Group forward, delivering on our significant potential as a leading industrial technology group united by shared purpose, business characteristics and a common operating model.

Paul Keel, Chief Executive Officer of Smiths

The combination of these two businesses makes sense for the medical device marketplace and fits well with ICU Medical’s existing business. By joining two complementary product portfolios to create a leading IV therapy company, we can help simplify customer workflows and add significant value and choice. Together, we will be a scaled global competitor and a US-based medical device company that increases the stability of the medical supply chain and can grow as clinical care models evolve. From an economic perspective, we believe we have presented a well-structured offer that considers the existing offer, minimizes risk, and offers upside to all stakeholders. We look forward to serving more customers as we continue to bring clinical and economic value to the marketplace.

Vivek Jain, ICU Medical Chief Executive Officer

ICU Medical and Smiths have entered into a put option agreement pursuant to which, following completion of an information and consultation process with Smiths Medical’s French works council, Smiths has the right to require ICU Medical to enter into a binding share purchase agreement to acquire Smiths Medical on agreed terms. It is a requirement of French employment law that such a process is carried out before Smiths can make a decision to enter into a binding sale and purchase agreement.

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