about G-MedTech

With the vision of creating efficient external communication platforms for the MedTech industry, G-MedTech offers M-N-C platforms composed of Marketplace, News Center, and Community, and market research and consulting services, to support your external communication strategies.

External communication in the medtech industry means a medtech player exchanges information with regulators, investors, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, universities, associations, partners, healthcare providers, and general people.

External communication covers how a provider interacts with external audiences or public audiences outside the organization. The goals of external communication for medtech players are to facilitate cooperation with groups such as suppliers, investors, hospitals, stockholders, and general people and to present a favorable image of its products and services to potential and actual customers and to society at large.

Focusing on the global medtech industry G-MedTech.com provides both services and platforms to support corporate communications, public relations, branding, global marketing, and strategic development.

Our online platforms are presented with freemium models and now cover:

  • News Centers: Publishing press releases and insightful articles in multi-languages to support corporate communications and public relations;
  • Directory: Listing medtech companies with profiles, images, videos, maps, contact details, as well as social media to support branding;
  • Connections: Listing medtech professionals with profiles, images, videos, contact details, as well as social media to help expand networking in the medtech industry;
  • Marketplace: The platform for multi-vendors to manage, showcase and even sell their medtech products & services with detailed introductions, images, videos, and end-user comments to support global marketing;

Market intelligence & consulting services will be provided by G-MedTech Research, a unit of G-MedTech.com, to support corporate strategies with a focus on China medtech market.

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For any inquiries, please contact us: info@g-medtech.com