Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing BioMind Partner for AI in Neuroscience

On September 3rd Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing BioMind Company signed a joint research project about artificial intelligence applications in the development of medical care for neurological diseases.

This cooperation will make full use of the medical resources of Beijing Tiantan Hospital and deeply combine the technical advantages of Beijing BioMind in artificial intelligence to build an intelligent database platform that can connect to multiple centers, and establish a standard database of nervous system diseases for the development of artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, a timely update and evidence-based clinical diagnosis and treatment decision-making knowledge base for neurological diseases will also be established for research and development of AI-assisted decision-making systems in the fields of ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy, stroke first aid, neuro-critical data integration, brain-cardiac comorbidity and prevention and treatment, vertigo clinical diagnosis and treatment, and brain tumor typing diagnosis.

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