China Ultrasound Biddings Reached 1 Billion yuan in the first month of 2022

According to the data sourced and analyzed by the G-MedTech Research team, in the first month of 2022, the total amount of won bids for ultrasound equipment in China reached 1 billion yuan with around 700 units, covering all domestic provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, as well as more than ten main brands in the Chinese market.


Based on the units, Mindray ranked first with 27.3% of unit shares, followed by GE Healthcare and Philips with 17.6% and 14.0%, respectively.

In terms of the total amount of winning bids, Mindray was 220 million yuan, GE Healthcare was about 190 million yuan, and Philips was nearly 180 million yuan.


East China has become the most important region with a unit share of over one-third.

Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong ranked the top three provinces in terms of bids units.


Tier 3 and tier 2 hospitals account for nearly 90% of unit shares.

In terms of hospital types, general hospitals account for more than half of unit shares, and maternity and child healthcare institutions and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals together account for nearly a quarter.


Mindray won bids for 55 units of its Resona series ultrasound (R9, 8, 7, 5, I9) and 43 units of the DC series.

Philip won bids for 52 units of its EPIQ series (Elite, CVx, 7(C), 5(C)) ultrasound equipment.

GE Healthcare won bids for 47 units of LOGIQ series ultrasound equipment (V2, S8, Fortis, E11, E10s, e, etc.) and 40 units of Voluson series and Vivid series together.

Siemens Healthineers’ first localized high-end flagship ultrasound system, ACUSON Sequoia Silver, was officially launched at the Shanghai production base in January 2022. Six units of this product won the bid in January, with a unit price of more than 2.3 million yuan.

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