Hitachi Medical Systems Europe to Launch APERTO Lucent Plus 0.4 Tesla Permanent Open MRI at ECR 2021

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (HMSE) announces the release of “APERTO Lucent Plus”1, 0.4 Tesla permanent Open MRI and “AIRIS Vento Plus”2, 0.3 Tesla permanent Open MRI system, both equipped with “SynergyDrive” on March 2, 2021, right at the start of ECR 2021 pop-up world tour.

Since the launch of “AIRIS” the first permanent MRI system back in 1996, Hitachi has been highly recognized for its wide open, patient centric MRI systems that are providing patients with a spacious feeling and a relaxed examination experience without fear.

“APERTO Lucent Plus” and “AIRIS Vento Plus”, both permanent magnet Open MRI systems are now equipped with the “SynergyDrive” suite, inherited from their big brother, the 1.5 Tesla superconductive MRI system “ECHELON Smart Plus” with “SynergyDrive”*3 and previously only available on that system. The automation suite features high-speed examinations for improved MRI examination efficiency by automating, simplifying and accelerating them so that you can focus on the patient and not the procedure.

APERTO Lucent Plus and AIRIS Vento Plus with “SynergyDrive” now offer a new ‘Plus’ in human-centered open MRI:

  • high speed exams and clear, motion free images
  • strong diagnostic capacity
  • easy siting and efficient operation for fast ROI
  • trusted reliability and service care
  • open design for maximum patient comfort and relaxed patient experiences

Product features

  1. “SynergyDrive”– for increased throughput, enabling a better patient and user experience

“SynergyDrive” is the result of the combination of IP-RAPID, the high-speed exam feature and “AutoExam”, a function that significantly improves operability. By streamlining the MRI examination workflow from patient check-in to the completion of an examination, scan times for routine exams can now be reduced by up to 30%* compared to conventional open MRI systems from Hitachi.

*Depending on patient type and scan parameters.

  1. “IP-RAPID” – for significantly reduced scan times

IP-RAPID is the high-speed scan feature of “SynergyDrive” which uses undersampling and image reconstruction utilizing iterative image processing, applicable to many sequences (2D/3D). IP-RAPID can be performed for various kinds of sequences and regions such as T1-weighted, T2-weighted, STIR, FLAIR, MRA, diffusion-weighted and fat-water separation images. IP-RAPID allows to significantly shorten scan times without loss in image quality.

  1. “AutoExam” – for simplified operation

“AutoExam” allows for single-click exams by predefining scan condition settings such as slice positioning, image processing, image display and image transfer and so significantly reduces the burden on the operator. With the incorporation of “AutoPose” which is part of the “AutoExam”, the system automatically proposes the optimum slice plane on the brain and is able to eliminate complex slice plane settings. Up to 5 slice planes can be preset in advance for the slice plane direction and angle. It proposes optimum slice planes right after the scanogram is completed. In addition, it proposes an AutoClip function which allows to automatically depict the region of interest of the brain MRA (clipping image*4). By automating post processing, complex and time-consuming steps can be eliminated so that the operator has more time to focus on the daily routine.

*1 “APERTO Lucent Plus” is the name of the model equipped with the new system software version (ORIGIN 7) on “APERTO Lucent”.

*2 “AIRIS Vento Plus” is the name of the model equipped with the new system software version (ORIGIN 7) on “AIRIS Vento”.

*3 “ECHELON Smart Plus” is the name of the model equipped with the new system software version on “ECHELON Smart”.

*4 Clipping image is the image after cutting out unnecessary area such as fat.

About Hitachi Medical Systems Europe

Hitachi Healthcare in Europe is represented by Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG, Steinhausen, Switzerland. The company is a first-choice supplier of open and powerful high-field MRI systems, multi-slice CT systems as well as medical ultrasound systems. Ultrasound expertise encompasses clinical applications such as radiology, cardiology, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, gastroenterology, urology and surgery. Hitachi Medical Systems Europe offers a complete range of solutions to address a wide range of medical challenges.
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