Hospital at Home: the Future of Care is Anywhere, Anytime

The healthcare industry as we know it is undergoing a monumental transformation as providers increasingly connect with patients outside of a hospital’s four walls to enable more care and healing to happen at home.

Telehealth is quickly becoming a new best practice in the industry, broadly becoming accepted as a way to enhance the patient experience and improve patient outcomes, all while potentially lowering cost of care.

Rather than the hospital serving as the hub of all care, hospitals are fast becoming centers of excellence for specialized care or highly acute conditions, turning to ‘hospital at home’ models of care for other traditionally in-person services.

In this model, telehealth becomes the patient’s first point of access for urgent care, consultations with a specialist, self-care education, chronic care management, and more. While COVID-19 was certainly a catalyst for this transition, telehealth utilization has stabilized at levels 38 times higher than before the pandemic as of July 2021 – a clear sign that it is here to stay.

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