Shuwen Biotech Completes nearly 100 Million yuan Round B Financing

Zhejiang Shuwen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. recently announced the completion of round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan led by Guolian Investment, followed by Shuncheng Capital, Anyuan Fund, and Kaichuang Fund.

The round B financing will help Shuwen Biotech continue to invest in innovative product development and the promotion of listed products and services in domestic and foreign markets, according to Dr. Jay Zhang, the founder of Shuwen Biotech. Shuwen Biotech will provide one-stop solutions in the field of oncology, especially early screening of breast cancer and precision medicine, companion diagnosis, prognosis, recurrence monitoring, and other stages. Meanwhile, it will continue to make efforts in the field of maternal and child reproductive health.

Shuwen Biotech is one of the few innovative IVD companies in China that can organically integrate independent R&D and international cooperations, said Dr. Xue Zhifeng, head of Guolian Investment for medical business.