Siemens Healthineers Launches “Expedition” 5G Mobile Emergency and Critical Care Intervention Unit in China

Shanghai (G-MedTech) — In response to the needs of critically ill patients such as chest pain and stroke during the COVID-19 epidemic, Siemens Healthineers launches the “Expedition” 5G mobile emergency and critical intervention unit in China to meet the needs for interventional treatment in different scenarios.

“Expedition” was developed by Siemens Healthineers’ Chinese team. It can be used as an independent vehicle-mounted treatment unit in medical institutions to support emergency interventional treatment of suspected COVID-19 patients or patients without nucleic acid certificates.

“Expedition” can also be used as a special treatment unit to deal with emergency medical rescue in various complex situations, such as emergency treatment of natural disasters.

“Expedition” can be equipped with a square cabin hospital or independent isolation in the hospital. It adopts a two-way expansion compartment design, and the area of ​​the operation room can be increased by 57% after expansion, which fully meets the movement space requirements of the angiography system and the activity space requirements of medical staff.

“Expedition” is equipped with Siemens Healthineers’ highly integrated angiography system Artis One which won the German Industrial Design Red Dot Award. It is the angiography system with the smallest airport floor area requirement on the market with the characteristics of strong compatibility and comprehensive performance.

“Expedition” is also equipped with Siemens Healthineers’ Remote Intervention Master (RIM) solution and the Corindus CorPath® GRX interventional surgery robot to realize intelligent remote interventional treatment. The RIM connects “expeditions” and remote experts through 5G networks, provides real-time remote guidance, and improves treatment capabilities conveniently and efficiently.