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Many kinds of information can be submitted to G-MedTech and be published after our approvals, covering press releases, articles, events, jobs, company directory, professional lists, as well as products and services.

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Industry News

Press releases, annoucements, articles, and events will be published on, no expiration date.

Breaking News: The posts will be published as breaking news on >> Submitting ($99)

Regular News: The posts will be published as industry news with images and tags on >> Submitting ($49)

Text-only News: The posts will be published as Text-only news on without images and tags. >> Submitting (Free of Charge)


Articles with valuable data, opinions and analysis will be published on as Industry Insights, with more images if necessary. Industry professionals are welcomed to submit articles and share opinions with global readers. >> Submitting (Free of Charge)


Showing exhibitions, conferences, webinars in global medtech industry. >> Submitting (Free of Charge)