TransEnterix Partner with the Amsterdam Skills Centre for New Surgical Training Center in EU

TransEnterix, Inc. has agreed to partner with the Amsterdam Skills Centre (ASC) in the Netherlands for surgical training. This site will serve surgeons and staff throughout Europe with basic and advanced training on the Senhance® Surgical System. The ASC will also provide TransEnterix with a world-class facility to engage European surgeons in technology and clinical development studies.

“As TransEnterix continues to expand our footprint and adoption in Europe, we face a growing need to train European surgical teams on Senhance,” said Anthony Fernando, TransEnterix president and CEO. “The ASC is a world-class facility that is ideally located to meet our commercial needs. We are also pleased at the capabilities to cooperatively perform important technology and clinical development activities.”

The Senhance Surgical System is the first and only digital laparoscopic platform designed to maintain laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery standards while providing digital benefits such as haptic feedback, robotic precision, eye-sensing camera control, comfortable ergonomics, advanced instrumentation including 3 mm microlaparoscopic instruments, and reusable standard instruments to help maintain per-procedure costs similar to traditional laparoscopy. TransEnterix also recently launched the first machine vision system in robotic surgery. This first-of-its-kind augmented intelligence capability is powered by the new Intelligent Surgical Unit™ on the Senhance Surgical System.

“Bringing the Senhance Surgical system to the ASC is a major achievement in our vision to be a leading global site for advanced surgical training in minimally invasive technology,” said Prof. Dr. Jaap Bonjer, Professor of Surgery at Amsterdam University Medical Centre and CEO of the ASC. “We believe that the future of surgery will be driven by newer technologies that enable better information guidance in real-time. The Senhance combines machine vision and learning capabilities with precision surgery while also seeking to address high healthcare costs. This technology fits very well with our mission.”

About TransEnterix

At TransEnterix, Inc., we are digitizing the interface between the surgeon and the patient to improve minimally invasive surgery (MIS) through a new category of care called Digital Laparoscopy. Digitizing the interface enables the use of advanced capabilities like augmented intelligence, connectivity and robotics in laparoscopy, and allows us to address the current clinical, cognitive and economic shortcomings in surgery. The system features the first machine vision system for use in robotic surgery which is powered by the new Intelligent Surgical Unit™ (ISU™) that enables augmented intelligence in surgery. The Senhance® Surgical System brings the benefits of Digital Laparoscopy to patients around the world while staying true to the principles of value-based healthcare. Learn more about Digital Laparoscopy with the Senhance Surgical System here: Now available for sale in the US, the EU, Japan, Russia, and select other countries. For a complete list of indications for use, please visit:

About The Amsterdam Skills Centre

The Amsterdam Skills Centre (ASC) offers medical specialists and other health care professionals from all over the world an innovative learning environment with 12 high-tech operating rooms, operating robots, VR-simulators, a learning platform and services to fully digitalize the OR learning experience. The ASC is developing faster, safer and more efficient training modules that enable medical specialists to handle surgical interventions in a short period of time. It is an incubator where people and resources are connected to build a New Way of Learning. Our goal is to build a global scalable, low cost and mobile learning environment which can be implemented on-site, here and in low and middle income countries. The ASC is located on the premises of Amsterdam University Medical Centers. Learn more at:

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