Shanghai (G-MedTech)Yuwell Medical received approval from China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for Primedic AEDs.

Primedic AEDs are available in 128 countries and have a high reputation in the global market. In 2017 Yuwell Medical acquired Primedic and initiated the strategy of technology import and product localization. After joining Yuyue Medical, Primedic has achieved rapid development in China by Yuwell’s advantages in market channels and after-sales maintenance system. In 2021, Yuwell’s AEDs sales in China increased by 30% year on year.

Yuwell Primedic continues to enrich and improve the overall solution around defibrillation and AEDs and has launched a full first-aid solution of equipment, training system, and platform.

In the past few years, Yuwell Medical has actively collaborated with industry associations and public welfare organizations to jointly build a shared first-aid mechanism, improve public first-aid skills, and provide support services. Yuwell Medical has accumulated more than 20,000 AEDs in China, with an average of 3,000 hours of first-aid training every year. Its first-aid network cloud platform links more than 5,000 chest pain centers and treatment units to form a real-time response first-aid network.