Press Releasing Plans

Press releases will be published on in multiple languages with tags, images, and external links, as well as distributed via our social media and newsletters to professionals in global medtech industry.

Three releasing plans are offered as below:

Releasing FieldsFree ReleasingBasic ReleasingPremium Releasing
Multimedia*1 Image3 Images Images + Video Embeded
Additional Contents*NoYesYes
Breaking News*NoNoYes
Multiple Languages*2AllAll
Prices in Year 2020*Free of Charge$99 per PR$199 per PR


* Tags could be any keywords including company names, products, and technologies, that will help readers search and find the related news;

* Image Size: 800*450 (16:9);

* Additional Contents cover company introduction, media contacts, phone, Email, as well as other related info.

* Breaking News will be published in prominent positions;

* Each company will have 3 PRs with Free Releasing Plan in a single year;

*Currently press releases are republished by in multiple languages, press releases could be republished in any 2 languages with free of charge and in all 8 languages with paid plans: